A Look Back at FR Safety in 2018


2018 was a busy time here at Bulwark, and 2019 promises to be another one for the books. As we enter into the new year, we look back at some of your favorite topics in all things FR, like what’s the difference between AR and FR, and how do you layer without sacrificing compliance? Check […]

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Top 5 Outerwear Considerations


The work you and your team accomplish is tough – and the weather doesn’t always cooperate. That’s why it’s important to be dressed properly while on the job, especially as winter approaches.  Our FR experts give their top five tips when it comes to choosing the right FR outerwear, so you can prepare for the […]

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Re-tested and re-certified. So you can stand reassured.


Whenever a new edition of a standard is released, all manufacturers of flame-resistant (FR) garments, fabrics and findings are required to retest and recertify their products to demonstrate continued compliance with the standard. With the updates to NFPA 2112 that came last year, we at Bulwark have been busy with an extensive, and extremely complex […]

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Treated vs. Inherent FR


There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to the terms “treated” and “inherent” FR. What’s the difference? And, more importantly, does one offer better protection than the other? In short, the answer is no. But in order to understand why, we must start by understanding what these terms mean and why they were applied […]

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FR Glossary


AR, FR, ATPV, OSHA. The list goes on and on. If there’s one thing that’s true about FR safety, it’s that there are a lot of terms to memorize. It’s not always easy to keep the various words and acronyms straight, but when it comes to building and implementing an effective safety program, knowing your […]

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