Calculators, Comfort and Compliance: Bulwark’s 2015 in Review



For safety professionals, the job of making FR compliance a shared priority is a mighty task. You have an ever-changing sea of standards to navigate, and stay ahead of. The people under your watch don’t always understand the right way to wear, or care for, their flame-resistant apparel. And the apparel itself has historically been so bulky, itchy and hot that it’s resulted in wearers taking totally gettable, but potentially catastrophic shortcuts just in an attempt to improve their comfort.


In 2015, we doubled-down on our efforts to arm you with a total FR solution. We created the world’s first online Arc Rating Calculator so you can quickly, and easily determine the correct FR layered system Arc Rating. We continued to expand our revolutionary iQ Series® as means of helping dramatically improve wearer comfort on the job site – even offering free wear trials (get yours here). We even developed an array of new tools ranging from FR care & maintenance fridge magnets to “Wear It Right” posters to remind you and your crews to follow the Do’s and Don’ts of FR safety. All as means of helping you build that culture of compliance.


Though covering you is always our first priority, it was hard to miss the press covering us in 2015. First, the USA Today followed Kevin Hartigan, an Arizona Public Service lineman responsible for keeping the lights on at the Grand Canyon. Throughout the story Hartigan was compliantly clad in Bulwark FR. In October, NBC’s The Today Show featured a Halloween science experiment segment where each of the program’s morning anchors was safely outfitted in Bulwark a lab coat. Finally, in November, we were seen sponsoring the Veteran’s Day Classic at the Kern County Raceway. The race was a great opportunity to connect with our Oil & Gas community in Bakersfield, CA.


All in all, 2015 was one for the books. But rest assured our focus at Bulwark is always fixed on the future. Looking for any new way imaginable to arm you with the right apparel, insights, tools and technologies to deliver what you covet most: confidence – on every level.

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