Wearing FR is like wearing your seat belt

As I was sending my daughter off to college, I leaned over her to make sure the seat belt was fastened and she was wearing it correctly.  I was struck by the idea of how similar seat belts are to FR clothing.  First of all, if you don’t wear your FR it’s the same as not wearing your seat belt, it will give you zero protection.  You will remember this as you pass through the windshield remembering all of the airbags this car has, but that is no help to you now.  This is the reason we don’t have detachable seat belts, we would never have them when we needed them most.  Hence, never buy one FR garment and stick it in your locker “accidents happen when we least expect them”.  Second is the way we wear our FR and seat belts.  Wearing FR and your seat belt incorrectly can cause more damage than not wearing them at all.  Improperly adjusted seat belts can cause internal injuries. Improperly worn FR can cause what we call oven effect.  This is when a persons clothing burns from the inside and is trapped.  Neither of these is a good scenario.  Last but not least, we count on seat belts and FR to do the job and perform as designed.  We expect all of the engineering and workmanship as well as the time and quality that were built into these products to save our life should an accident occur.  We do all of this because the lives of our customers depend on it

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