Bulwark garments designed by who? You!

Most of you know the Bulwark design team is made up of 4 ladies ages 28-35.  What do we know about designing Flame Resistant (FR) clothing?  We didn’t grow up rough necking in the oil fields of south Texas.  We did grow up playing on the beaches of South Padre Island.  We didn’t grow up strapping on gaffs.  We did grow up in strappy heals knowing the likes of Duke Power and Pike electric were going to make sure prom happened regardless of the storms blowing in.

What we do know is who to go talk to.  We are 4 tireless road warriors that spend our time with you.  We crawl through the wind turbines of Siemens. We are graduates of Mining School in Western Virginia.  We sit through hours of safety videos in order to go on site of numerous oil refineries and talk to you.  We cheer for you all at Regional and International Lineman’s Rodeos.  But most of all we watch you work and listen to what you say about the FR clothing you have to wear.  You pull no punches when you tell us the likes and dislikes of having to wear heavy, hot and uncomfortable FR.  We take your feedback and design lighter weight, more comfortable FR shirts and coveralls.  We design jeans that protect you and look good.

We might not know how to do your job but let’s face it you don’t want to know how to do ours either.  You just want flame resistant clothing you can count on.


  • George Boyce
    April 18, 2013
    I don't want to tell you how to do you job, but however created the new Cool Touch crewneck reglan sleeve t-shirt totally miss it!! Arm of 4XL on large shirt!! Wow!!

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