What the Well-Dressed Fracker is Wearing

That’s the title of an article from today’s Wall Street Journal.

In it, the reporter paints (and quite eloquently so) a picture of the reality that we at Bulwark know all too well. And face every single moment.

Pun fully intended, FR is hot.

The oil-and-gas boom has generated countless new players. Many with mighty big brand names; and mighty big marketing budgets. All trying, as the article says, to “cash in” by creating their own lines of “frackwear.”

The piece goes on to say how some of these newcomers are even rushing out to the oilfields of Texas and the Dakotas in an attempt to gain first hand intel from end wearers that they can use to design more comfortable gear. An effort we applaud. And an effort we saw coming 5,000 miles away.

Because we were there first.

For 42 years we have been on the frontlines of FR.

Building battle-tested brotherhood. Ushering in new era after new era of protective apparel. Striving to outfit those who stand in the face of fire with an ever better “next level” of confidence. One that solves everything they hate about having to wear FR.

(And believe us, there’s plenty.)

We also have an established level of operational excellence, training and technical expertise that no rookie will ever rival.

So with all due respect to today’s WSJ, to us, it isn’t so much about what the well-dressed fracker is wearing, as much as it is about what the well-dressed fracker should be wearing.

Pure passion. Purposeful design. Proven experience.

Unwavering allegiance. Unbridled innovation. Unending commitment.

And a pledge to do always make good on our word to cloak you in total confidence. Without question. Without compromise.

After all, this is a business that cannot tolerate cash-in, flash-in-the-pan posers.

There’s simply too much on the line.

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