Why suffer the stiffness, scratchiness and sweatiness of traditional FR when you can be cooler, stay dryer and move easier with a level of performance that doesn't forfeit protection? Why not experience that very same comfort in an FR garment that can still withstand extreme wear and industrial wash? Bulwark iQ Series® Comfort and Endurance Collections are scientifically-engineered to help you:

  • Feel Cooler:

  • iQ garments weigh less than any FR garments in their class
  • iQ maximizes airflow through the garment
  • iQ wicks away moisture faster to help you stay dry all day long
  • Move Easier:

  • iQ fabrics feel better on your body and provide more flex
  • Built-in mobility panels help you move more freely for the job at hand
  • Shirts stay tucked in, cuffs keep sleeves in place when reaching up
  • Work Smarter, Look Sharper:

  • Thoughtfully designed features allow for better tool/phone/pencil storage
  • Contrast thread color lends contemporary look
  • Women’s garments designed with feminine styling and shaping in mind
  • Work Stronger:

  • iQ Endurance garments feature a state-of-the-art Dual Duty FR fabric for enhanced durability/industrial wash (iQ Comfort is for home wash)
  • iQ Endurance garments feature triple-needle stitching in areas where you need an extra level of reinforcement

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