Fleece Beanie

Fleece Beanie
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CAT 2 Arc Rating EBT 12 calories/cm²
Fabric Flame-resistant, 12 oz. (405 g/m²) 70% Modacrylic / 30% Rayon, Double Brushed fleece
Size One Size Fits All
Two Ply › Double brushed fleece for comfort and warmth› Fit to wear under hard hat
Care Home Wash

Color Style Size
Navy HMC4NV SIZE One Size Fits All
  • David C.
  • Marketer
  • Nashville
  • 03/02/13 at 10AM

Hotter than heck...which is what it should be! Wear it outdoors all winter. Comments(3) Hide Comments

  • Sasha
  • 10/15/13 at 10PM

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