Our Mantra

We are a people of No Compromise.
Because we have no other choice.

We are driven by nature.
By nerve.
By necessity.
To do the dirty.
The demanding.
The dangerous.

Because we’re asked to be there
when it’s least expected.

To perform miracles.
To finish the job,
get back up,
and do it again.
Only better.

Because we know what’s at stake.

And what it takes to stare
into the face of fire.
Together, we built this industry.
Together we’ll write its future.

Because we are the best at what we do.
In a business that cannot tolerate posers.

Because there are brands that
make FR. Then there are FR brands.

And only one was born on the
frontlines of the Canadian oil
fields more than 42 years ago.
Its patch the mark of excellence,
and choice of industry veterans
around the globe, ever since.
It’s our brand of FR.

A brand of No Compromise. Bulwark.

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A Commitment to Quality

From our inception, Bulwark has been the first to new technological advances that raise the bar for safety, durability and dependability. Moving forward, we will continue to relentlessly seek out, evaluate and implement innovation in fibers, fabrics, finishes and garment construction. All of which will deliver a "next level" of comfort and value; without compromising wearer safety.

Bulwark Guarantee

Bulwark will ship goods ordered free of fabric or manufacturing defects. Moreover, we will repair or replace any garment that has a manufacturing defect. No other warranty is made, either expressed or implied, including no guarantee of fitness for a particular use or purpose.

All Bulwark apparel meets the performance requirements of the specifications and standards as stated on the garment labels and in our product literature. As long as our laundry instructions are followed, the flame resistance of Bulwark garments is guaranteed for the life of the garment.

Fast Facts

A VF Corporation Brand

VF Corporation is the world's largest publicly traded apparel company

Leading FR Innovator
 for 42 Years

For more than 40 years, Bulwark, with Red Kap® before it, has led the way in market-changing developments

Obsessed with the
Future of FR

We seek, evaluate and implement new fibers, fabrics, finishes and designs that vastly improve wearer comfort, as well as garment perfor-mance, style and functionality – all while putting optimal safety first

Unrivaled Sales and
 Training Expertise

From basic market overviews to deep industry insights, garment-by-garment guidance to new sales techniques, Bulwark University has it all